TTT Unverified Retaining Wall Timber

To complement our comprehensive range of poles TTT Products sources and supplies sawn timber suitable for use in the construction of retaining walls.  TTT Unverified Retaining Wall Timber is milled from any part of the log and is therefore weaker than stress-graded timber. It also has llarger knots than SG8 timber.

All sawn timber supplied by TTT is reliably top quality, and sourced from professional, sustainably managed sawmills. We check all the timber we source to ensure it has been graded by the supplier and is of regular sizing and consistent quality.

TTT Unverified Retaining Wall Timber is generally treated to H4 Hazard Class to provide protection against fungal and insect attack in an outside, in-ground, non-critical use situation.


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Use TTT Unverified Retaining Wall Timber for:

  • Construction & Retaining Walls

TTT Quick Info:

  • Radiata Pine
  • Commonly known as No.2 Grade, random-milled, larger knots
  • 150x50 / 150x75 / 200x50 / 200x75
  • Length range: random length packets
  • Profile: Roughsawn, Machine-Gauged
  • H4 Hazard Class, either CCA (ex stock) or ACQ/MCQ (per order) treatment
  • Not suitable for H5 Hazard Class treatment (see TTT SG8 Timber page)
  • Not suitable for H6 Hazard Class treatment (see TTT Marine Timber page)
  • Complies with NZS3640:2003 Chemical Preservation of Round and Sawn Timber

    • TTT CCA Hazard Classes Guide

    • PDF | 67kb | Download

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