Extreme situations such as marine environments put additional stress on the durability of poles. Boats knock into them; marina components move against them; sand acts abrasively against them; and insects specific to marine environments actively target them.

To extend the performance of poles in marine and other harsh environments we press a TTT Protect polyethylene PE100 Sleeve onto the pole. This Sleeve can extend the whole length of the pole (UniLog, MultiPole UniLog) or partially sleeve a machined section of the pole (SED, MultiPole SED, Uglie, MultiPole Uglie). The Sleeve has at least a 10mm wall thickness which provides a significant protective barrier. Combined with H6 Hazard Class treatment the end result is a highly durable pole in a tough environment. TTT Protect provides a surface that is chemical, abrasion, and impact resistant.

TTT Protect PE 100 Sleeves can also be used as pole connectors in construction and foundation systems. Please refer to TTT Poles – TTT MultiPoles for more information.


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Use TTT Protect Sleeved Poles specifically for:

  • Construction & Retaining Walls where there is exposure to sea water
  • Foundations where there is exposure to sea water
  • Jetties & Marinas
  • Poles in abrasive conditions - concrete encased, Utility Poles
  • Installation via Pile Driving, Drilling & Concreting, or Vibration

TTT Quick Info:

  • Polyethylene PE100 Sleeve
  • UniLog/MultiPole Unilog: partial or whole length
  • SED/MultiPole SED, Uglie/MultiPole Uglie: partial length
  • Wall Thickness: 10mm minimum
  • Application: pressed
  • Black
  • Increased durability of poles in extreme situations
  • Manufactured to order

    • TTT Poles Brochure

    • PDF | 2.88mb | Download

    • TTT MultiPole Brochure

    • PDF | 1.79mb | Download

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