Who Are We?

You'll find that poles from TTT Products will be the best quality you can get. That's the result of 150+ years of combined experience in civil/structural engineering, construction, and manufacturing. We've been involved in the wood industry for a long time and our reputation is second to none - just ask the engineers, specifiers, and customers who depend on our products, services, and advice.

And we're not just manufacturers. Our experience encompasses a whole range of skills from designing innovative roundwood solutions, to specialised processes such as pole proof-testing and export certification, to building with poles and timber, to presenting papers at timber conferences.

All these skills have honed our knowledge so that we are not just manufacturers but solid wood experts.


What Do We Do?

TTT Products manufacture poles and specialist solid wood products from start to finish:

  • We source Radiata Pine from sustainable forests using responsible logging contractors.
  • We process the logs on site in our modern manufacturing facility - peeling, steam-drying, CCA preservative treating and fixation.
  • We complete the processing with specialised services such as TTTested Pole Proof-Testing; Phytosanitary treatment and inspection.
  • We deliver the completed product - either by our own fleet of trucks or a cartage contractor; or we can pack product for export whether containerised or break bulk.
  • We advise, consult, and liaise with specifiers, engineers, and customers.

With everything handled on site we have the ability to effectively and efficiently manage any request from our customer and provide a solution that satisfies.


Where Are We?

Tuakau is located about half way between Auckland and Hamilton in the North Island of New Zealand. Our nearest ports are Auckland and Tauranga, and these are also the biggest ports in New Zealand. Our location is such that we have access to road and rail transport, and can freight products to just about anywhere.