Export Certification

TTT Products is a Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI) approved organisation authorised to carry out:

  • Phytosanitary Inspections
  • Phytosanitary Heat Treatment (saturated steam)
  • Phytosanitary Timber Preservative Treatment (Permanent CCA Oxide treatment)

We can pack your order to meet your Importing Country Phytosanitary Requirements (ICPR), whether it be TTT Poles and Timber or externally supplied sawn timber, either break bulk or containerised.  Packaging can be ISPM 15 compliant with or without wrap and/or stencilling.  We can organise delivery of product to port location.

On completion of your order we can issue Phytosanitary CCA and/or Heat Treatment (saturated steam) Certificates of Compliance, or Phytosanitary Inspection Certificates.  A Phytosanitary Security Check (PSC) is completed for export products on despatch from our yard.

These Certificates can then be forwarded to your Independent Verification Authority (IVA) who can raise a Phytosanitary Certificate (Phyto E-Cert) which confirms you, the exporter, has met the ICPR terms.


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Phytosanitary Inspection:

  • Product is inspected for bark/soil, live/dead insects, insect damage, exit holes and frass, and fungi/fungi damage.
  • Phytosanitary Security Check (PSC) occurs on despatch from our yard

Phytosanitary Treatments:

  • Phytosanitary Timber Preservative Treatment (Permanent CCA Oxide treatment)
    H5 Hazard Class
  • Phytosanitary Heat Treatment (saturated steam)
    Standard Heat Treatment (saturated steam) for Radiata Pine Natural Rounds or Sawn Timber will achieve minimum phytosanitary heat treatment at core of 30 minutes at 56°c for timber thicknesses < 200mm in all directions or 60 minutes at 74°c for timber thickness >200mm in all directions. If you require heat treatment that exceeds these parameters, please consult us first.

Phytosanitary Compliance Certificates:

  • Certificate of Compliance for CCA Permanent Timber Preservative Treatment
  • Certificate of Compliance for Heat Treatment (saturated steam)
  • Phytosanitary Inspection Certificate

    • TTT CCA Hazard Classes Guide

    • PDF | 64kb | Download

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