Which TTT Pole?

TTT Products manufactures and stocks a comprehensive range of poles for use in many differing situations:


Are naturally tapered (6mm per metre), machine-peeled poles typically used in construction, retaining, and marine piling. SED refers to Small End Diameter and this is how all poles are measured and graded.

TTT Uglies

Are poles similar to SED Poles but they are debarked rather than peeled so look 'ugly' as a result. Generally they are used in foundations or out of sight situations.

TTT Utility

Are poles that have been drilled, gained, tagged and/or proof-tested to meet the requirements of a power transmission or telecommuncation pole.

TTT Multipoles

Are incredibly versatile poles with a unique hollow core. They are useful in many situations including foundations, retaining walls, and ground stability.

TTT Marine Poles

Are manufactured to order and treated to H6 for marine conditions.

UniLog Poles

Are machined, uniform diameter poles exclusively produced by TTT Products Ltd..

TTT Tested

Are poles that have undergone rigorous proof-testing on our Certified Pole Testing rig.

TTT Protect

Is a TTT Pole that has been sleeved (partial length or whole length depending on the pole type) with a polyethylene PE100 Sleeve to provide extended performance in harsh environments, including marine situations.