Why Use TTT Poles?

TTT Poles are incredibly versatile. They have a myriad of applications either on their own or as a building component:

  • Timber poles have a high strength-to-weight ratio, are lightweight, and easy to handle and transport.
  • Timber poles are flexible and are an ideal earthquake resistant construction material.
  • They can be installed in a wide variety of ground conditions.
  • Engineers can perform quality assurance checks on timber poles before, during, and after installation to ensure adequate ‘sets’ are achieved.
  • Timber poles are a ready made product that involves no forming on site.
  • They are adaptable – you can easily cut them on site during the construction process.
  • Installation equipment is usually lightweight with a small footprint – ideal for installations on many different locations and site sizes.
  • Installation is generally rapid, and many poles can be installed in one working period.
Image of TTT Poles in Water Image of Surveyor measure level of Posts
Arial Image of Posts with Digger