Delivery & Packaging

When it comes to delivering our poles we go to great lengths to ensure our products are delivered in good condition. Whether it's a tricky site in suburban Auckland; an in-the-middle-of-nowhere location in rural New Zealand; a 20ft or 40ft container to some far off location; or a group of masterpacks to port we can organise and despatch as required.

As well as the practical packaging and delivery of poles and timber we can also help with making sure the goods are acceptable for export. We are certified to Heat Treat products (ours and yours), and we are registered Phytosanitary certifiers. We can also help with your export documentation.

Delivery to Site or Depot


At TTT Products we have a fleet of tip-trucks & tip-trailers that make site deliveries simple.

Our trucks are configured with 4 axles, which means they are big enough to take large loads of poles and timber but small enough to fit on most sites. We can carry up to 11.0m long poles on our 4 axle trucks!

For larger loads we can deliver using a truck & trailer configuration, but the site needs to be big enough to accommodate this. Truck & trailer units are particularly suited for depot deliveries where there is a forkhoist to unload.

When placing your order with us make sure you let us know what the site conditions are like, and whether you have any means of unloading the truck. We'll make sure we get your delivery made with the right truck.

Packaging and Delivery for Export


Due to the size of our site we are able to offer our customers the service of having your containers packed, or break bulk goods readied for delivery to port. We can even arrange to collect and deliver your containers or break bulk.

Use TTT Products delivery service for:

  • Delivery to Site - tip-truck, or truck & trailer combination
  • Delivery to Depot - forkhoist unload, either truck or truck & trailer combination
  • External cartage contractors can be arranged as required

TTT Quick Info:

  • 4 axle, 8-wheeler, 10.0m long tip trucks, can take up to 12 tonne per load
  • 4 axle, 8-wheeler, tip trailers
  • Tip truck & trailer combination, 20.0m long, can take up to 25 tonne per load
  • Other trucks provided by external cartage contractors
  • Refer to TTT Technical Guideline OD001 - Ordering and delivery guidelines

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