TTT SED Poles are the backbone of our range of products. We manufacture and stock a large range of TTT SED Poles to ensure quick supply - usually the same day or next day delivery.

All TTT SED Poles (SED means Small End Diameter) are reliably top quality, naturally tapered Radiata Pine Poles. Each TTT SED Pole is carefully graded and selected for straightness, even taper, regular sizing, and consistent quality.

Every TTT SED Pole is processed to ensure an even finish and treated to H5 Hazard Class to provide protection against fungal and insect attack in an outside, in-ground, critical use situation.


Use TTT SED Poles specifically for:

  • Construction & Retaining Walls
  • Foundations
  • Jetties & Marinas (see TTT Marine Poles page)
  • Power & Telecommunication Poles (see TTT Utility Poles page for specific information)
  • Installation via Pile Driving, Drilling & Concreting, or Vibration

TTT Quick Info:

  • Radiata Pine, Machine-peeled
  • Naturally tapered: 6mm per metre
  • Diameter range: 150mm to 500mm SED
  • Length range: 1.8m to 18m long
  • H5 Hazard Class, either CCA (ex stock) or ACQ/MCQ (per order) treatment
  • H6 Hazard Class available per order (see TTT Marine Poles page)
  • TTTested - proof-tested poles available (see TTTested Poles page)
  • TTT MultiPole - unique hollow core poles (see TTT MultiPoles page)
  • Complies with NZS3605:2001 Timber Piles and Poles for Use in Building
  • Complies with NZS3640:2003 Chemical Preservation of Round and Sawn Timber

    • Deep Piles & Retaining Walls using TTT SED and Uglie Poles - Coatesville

    • PDF | 568kb | Download

    • TTT Poles Brochure

    • PDF | 2.78mb | Download

    • TTT Technical Guideline SED001 - SED/Uglie weight/volume charts

    • PDF | 181kb | Download

    • TTT Technical Guideline RW001 – Bored poles @ 1.0m

    • PDF | 293kb | Download

    • TTT Technical Guideline RW002 – Bored poles @ 1.2m

    • PDF | 293kb | Download

    • TTT Technical Guideline RW003 – Driven poles @ 0.9m

    • PDF | 292kb | Download

    • TTTested Brochure

    • PDF | 1.62mb | Download

    • TTT MultiPole Brochure

    • PDF | 1.79mb | Download

    • Ground Improvement using TTT Uglie Poles - Henderson

    • PDF | 572kb | Download

    • Ground Improvement using TTT Uglie Poles - Huntly

    • PDF | 503kb | Download

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