Meet the TTT MultiPole – an incredibly versatile pole due to its’ unique hollow core. TTT MultiPole was developed in conjunction with Structural Engineer Mark Batchelar of mlb Consulting Engineers. TTT MultiPoles can be manufactured from TTT SED, Uglies, or UniLog Poles. Radiata Pine logs are sourced from sustainable forests.

Most of the heartwood core is removed via a special process developed by TTT Products Ltd – a first for NZ and possibly the world! This leaves a centre hole that runs the full length of the pole. Removing only the heartwood does not weaken the strength of the TTT MultiPole as the strength is retained in the outer sapwood layers. The heartwood removal results in greatly reduced pole checking and splitting as the pole dries out. Further processing or preservative treatment is then carried out. Full penetration of the preservative can be achieved as the preservative is able to be impregnated from both the internal and external faces.

TTT MultiPoles are lighter (compared with solid timber poles or steel or concrete products) which means they are easily transported and handled on site. The hollow core also allows for installation via vibration with hydro-jetting which makes for easier installation particularly in sandy ground conditions.

The hollow core of a TTT MultiPole can be used for the insertion of cabling/ducting and services, or reinforcing bars (either pre-tensioned or grouted). It also means separate TTT MultiPole sections can be joined with our special TTT MultiPole Connectors. This makes TTT MultiPoles incredibly versatile and a great solution for foundations and above-ground structures.

As a response to the geotechnical and structural problems encountered after the Christchurch earthquakes various TTT Foundation Systems using TTT MultiPoles were developed. The Foundation Systems provide a variety of solutions for difficult ground conditions, in particular TC2 and TC3 land in Canterbury, but also suitable for most sites throughout New Zealand and overseas. Refer to for more information on TTT Foundation Systems, Ground Improvement, Under House Piling, and Bridges.

Use TTT MultiPoles specifically for:

  • Foundations – Deep Pile, Suspended Floor, Raft
  • Ground Improvement
  • Under House Piling
  • Bridges
  • Construction & Retaining Walls
  • Insertion of cabling/ducting and services, or reinforcing bars
  • Installation via Pile Driving, Drilling & Concreting, or Vibration (with or without hydro-jetting). An authorised installer may be recommended for particular sites.

TTT Quick Info

  • Radiata Pine
  • TTT SED, UniLog Poles, TTT Uglies
  • Diameter range: 150mm to 550mm SED
  • Length range: 1.8m to 18m long
  • Hollow core generally 1/3 of the pole diameter
  • Minimum hollow core diameter – 63mm (175mm SED or 180mm UniLog)
  • Maximum hollow core diameter – 146mm (550mm SED or 450mm UniLog)
  • TTT MultiPole Connector (thin or thick walled) – for joining MultiPole sections
  • H5 Hazard Class, either CCA (ex stock) or ACQ/MCQ (per order) treatment
  • H6 Hazard Class available per order (see TTT Marine Poles page)
  • TTTested - proof-tested poles available (see TTTested Poles page)
  • TTT Protect - sleeved poles available to order (see TTT Protect page)

    • TTT Poles Brochure

    • PDF | 3.01mb | Download

    • TTT MultiPole Connector Guideline MP001

    • PDF | 532kb | Download

    • TTT MultiPole Brochure

    • PDF | 1.46mb | Download

    • TTTested Brochure

    • PDF | 1.61mb | Download

    • TTT Retaining Wall Guideline RW001ND/HD - Bored poles @ 1.0m

    • PDF | 331kb | Download

    • TTT Retaining Wall Guideline RW002ND/HD - Bored poles @ 1.2m

    • PDF | 330kb | Download

    • TTT Retaining Wall Guideline RW003ND/HD - Driven poles @ 0.9m

    • PDF | 280kb | Download

    • TTT Technical Guideline SED001 - SED/Uglie weight/volume charts

    • PDF | 178kb | Download

    • Structural components using TTT MultiPoles

    • PDF | 416kb | Download

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